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Josh Brewster talked to
Brian Kennedy about
  Living the Hockey Dream
in his radio show, Duck Calls


Living the Hockey Dream
Interviews and Personal Stories from NHL

Superstars and Other Lovers of the Game

Many of the experiences of every hockey
dreamer are the same—games played on
backyard rink, Stanley Cup fantasies
and hero-worship for the stars on the ice.
those experiences any different for
someone who makes it to the NHL?

Living the Hockey Dream tells the stories
of people from around the hockey world—

players and broadcasters, Hall of Famers, average folks and officials, even the “Keeper of
the Cup”—showing that, in the end,
the hockey experience is universal.

Living the Hockey Dream is available
  in your local bookstore, and at Amazon,
Lone Pine Publishing, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters.

Hear Brian's interview about
Growing Up Hockey
Fox Sports' Puck Podcast

Growing Up Hockey

by Brian Kennedy uses the heartwarming
and comical exploits of a house-league
third-liner to prompt us to re-live
our memories of hockey glory.
It shows that for those who love it,
the game is never far away.

"This book gave me a chance
 to reconnect with some of
the moments and memories
that mean the most to me.

I think it will do the same for you".

--Kelly Hrudey,
Hockey Night in Canada

 Growing Up Hockey
is available
  in your local bookstore, and at
Amazon, Lone Pine Publishing,
Barnes and Noble, and Chapters

About Growing Up Hockey:

Because Brian so captures the way we come to hockey,
the tug of war issues such as reason versus emotion
that we all wrestle with in trying to shape either the game
or our approach to living, you'll feel as if he's written your story, not his.

--Ron McLean, Hockey Night
in Canada

If "only an honest book can live," as Emerson said,
then Growing Up Hockey is immortal.
It's the story of everyone who plays or cares about the game.
It's warm reading for a cold night.

Or any night.

--Jack Falla, author of Home Ice
Speaking of good books, Brian Kennedy has penned
a pretty good hockey memoir, Growing Up Hockey.
It's a very good winter read about
how hockey has shaped one man's life.

--Sean P. Roarke,
Senior Writer for

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